stationery (various)

  • flametree-see-through
  • flametree-LH-front+back
  • BC-Flametree
  • Tangiaro-stationery2
  • Tangiaro-LH-BC-CS
  • H2O+NACL-Artstour-LH's
  • kirsch-stationery-range
  • kocian-LH
  • bc-susanne-guenther-front
  • bc-susanne-guenther-back
  • dzengel+kirsch_LH+BC

My personal love is for very good print and in particular stationery, just like for custom tailored suits and shirts. A great piece of stationery is like a beautiful suit – it makes you look sharp and it does the job, only better than the rest. A lot can be said about your business by looking at how professional your letterhead or businesscard are designed and printed.

Many of these designs are using spot colours rather than so called full colour. Spot colours give you brighter, richer and more controllable, truely unique colour than four colour process printing does. Depending on the combination of spot colours many more subtle tones can be achieved, which is also referred to as duotone printing. There is a lot more to be said on this topic but we better not get me started…

(Needless to say that any letterhead design can also be made available to clients as a digital version for email use, etc.)

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