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The homepage is your face to the world. Usability is a necessary condition for survival. If a website is difficult to use, people leave. So is utility – your website has to provide the features your audience looks for. If they can’t find what they look for they leave. The overall usefulness is a combination of utility and usability. It is this simple: useful = utility + usability. Studio Kirsch develops great looking websites, while keeping this basic little principle firmly anchored in the back of our minds. If you need support in setting up a new website or blog this studio can support you. Or make your old one work better for you.

coromandel town tourism website development

coromandel town website

Brief// modernise and overhaul outdated tourism portal of a destination town information centre Solution/...

coromandel flavour blog support and design

coromandel flavour

Brief// set up client with a comprehensive blogging platform including design development and general...

indigo bush studios

Brief// brand development, website and brochure design for a unique boutique accommodation venture Background/...