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very exacting analysis at the beginning

At the beginning of this season we were lucky enough to find the perfect premises to expand our 5 year old business to the next level. We have for some years owned the domain and company name for “The Booking Office” and it was the design and development of this concept that we entrusted to Daniel.

The entire process with Daniel was a total reinforcement of our belief in his professionalism – we felt entirely engaged by the process at every stage, and he took particular care to understand exactly what we required by using a very exacting analysis at the beginning.

After a few days we were provided with a selection of potential options and collectively agreed on the best. He then went away and began the design work in earnest and we can still scarcely believe the quality of what he produced. It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the compelling nature of the design work was a major factor in the success of the launch of The Booking Office.

We approached a number of the very best Coromandel and Central North Island tourism businesses with our Booking Office concept, and only one chose not to join us as a Product Partner. The attached photographs will illustrate the high quality of the Product Partner list, and also show the impact-ful nature of Daniel’s design.

As directors and owners of Coromandel Adventures we could only offer the highest recommendation of Daniel’s design work, particularly in the design development of The Booking Office concept.

Willie Lochore & Sarni Hart– Directors, Coromandel Adventures Ltd


This all looks fine – very lovely, and gorgeous!

Shelley Chignell/ Flametree Artgarden & Gallery

way more revealing than expected

Thank you for your presentation yesterday, it was way more revealing than expected – in a very exciting way!

Luen Wong, director., Kaitaki Adventures unforgettable custom tours

your work up to date has really enhanced sales for me

I am convinced that your work up to date has really enhanced sales for me, and I get so many favourable comments on my labelling and packaging. I can’t wait until I can just get you to do everything that I think about!

Jo Sanderson, Naturally Coromandel, Natural soaps & lip balms beautifully handcrafted in The Coromandel

quality of your work

I do value the quality of your work and that’s why I choose you.

David Foreman, owner, Driving Creek Villas and Coromandel Town Apartment

it grabs you

The instinctive first look – it grabs you.

It’s totally different and unlike anything I’ve seen before, never seen anything like it.

The site feels very quality and warm and I’ve looked at a lot of accommodation websites.

David Foreman – Driving Creek Villas

fresh, clean and striking

Thank you for doing such a great job. I do love the new design, it’s fresh, clean and striking. I thoroughly agree with all of your comments, and I want you to know that i appreciate the effort you are putting in. Its fantastic to have you on board! Oh, and as for your archive of images: That’s awesome, It would be great to make good use of these images in the promo. Cheers, I really appreciate your support and commitment.

Matt Sephton/Coromandel Artstour

You provide a very professional service

Hi Daniel

As you provide a very professional service. Your work is of the highest quality. I have no qualms about contacting you re any design needs.

Thank you again and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sandra Wilson– Manager, Coromandel Town Information Centre

incredible!! these look amazing

Incredible!! These look amazing, well done and thank you!
Theres heaps here for me to think about and process, so I’ll spend some time tonight looking through and thinking about what will work best, and get back to you.
Woohoo! Looking pretty flash!

Matt Sephton/ Coromandel Artstour

wonderful support

‘Thank You’ for your wonderful support and help.

Karen Ross/ Coromandel Town Business Association

very excited and pleased

Just thought I’d let you know that Peter loves the design brief. I sent him the attachment this morning. He just emailed back, very excited and pleased.

Nigel Saprrow/The Supported Lifestyle Hauraki Trust

It is a huge WOW!

Thanks so much.  It is a huge WOW!
The initial reaction around here is extremely positive.
We all love it.

Oksana Borowik/ Coromandel Honey Ltd.

It is really extraordinary

Raewyn's just got home wih the Love Coromandel Love Art Guide.
It is really extraordinary – what you and Daniel have produced is really special. We feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful arts community. This place is amazing.
Please pass our congratulations on to Daniel.


Raewyn and Ian Penrose, Raewyn Penrose Creations

OHHHHH this is the best news ever!!

OHHHHH this is the best news ever!! Wow, you are a machine Daniel. I really appreciate you keeping the costs down so much for me.

Jo Sanderson, Naturally Coromandel, Natural soaps & lip balms beautifully handcrafted in The Coromandel

Thanks for putting in the extra effort

Thanks so much for your hard work Daniel, I went over the presentation while I was away and noticed many small details and extra attention given that made it that much better, more interesting and professional. Thanks for putting in the extra effort.

Scott Wynands B.A Pols/Comm, PG Dip Env Man
Project Development Manager, Coromandel Pier + Rail

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