good design is good business

Good Design is Good Business. Effective design is invaluable in helping a company or its products reach full potential in the marketplace. In addition to projecting a company’s unique assets, positively distinguishing it from competitors, good design facilitates many benefits including a higher level of internal morale, greater public recognition, higher standards of performance, better recruitment, and in turn higher productivity and profitability. Good design is good business.

Connected throughout history to writing, printing and publishing, graphic/communication design is a creative process that uses art and tech­nology to communicate. It begins with a message that, in the hands of an experienced graphic or communication designer, is transformed into visual communication that transcends words. By controlling colour, type, images and ideas, the designer creates and manages the production of materials which convey the message to an intended audience.

Business & Design
Design significantly affects the way an organization is perceived by its many publics. It contributes to the success of an enterprise by influencing customers, stockholders, employees, analysts and others.

Design is a potent strategy tool that companies can use to gain a substantial competitive advantage. Yet most companies neglect design as a strategy tool. What they don’t realize is that design can enhance products, environments, communications and corporate identity.”1

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(above page text is an excerpt from an article on the Graphic Designers of Canada website)