Category: guide system

Guide systems play a very important role in public spaces that are unfamiliar and/or complex and can be confusing such as libraries, hospitals, universities, airports, museums, parks, or train stations. The unfamiliarity as well as not being able to oversee the terrain to form a mental map make it impossible to successfully find our way through. But even a mini system with well placed signage for male and female toilets, exit, and fire exit can make all the difference. Guide systems can even mean the difference between life and death if there is a fire. The better an environment is designed with guidance in mind the less signage is required. Colours, forms, lighting, even landscaping can all be important tools in making clear which way to go, or where not to. The applications for guide systems are endless.
A considered guide system can also be very useful to support your brand/identity as it does not only offer to efficiently guide people but also to communicate your organisation’s brand/indentity in a subtle way.