creative coromandel guide book

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  • cc-guide-2015-motutapere-finds_2490
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  • cc-guide-2015-coastroad_2505
  • cc-guide-2015-shop_2500
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Brief// develop an annual guide book focussed around local artist studios, promoting the entire region as a creative arts destination.

Solution/ > the highly successful guide book to the Coromandel Artstour open studio event was developed further to become a stand-alone annual guide book for the entire region rather than an event guide only.
> The scope was doubled to 220 pages.
> The content has been re-structured to be more accessible.
> the region coding has been refined by adding an additional region to avoid confusion, overview maps were added to set close up maps more into context.
> Highly visual how-to-use pages were introduced at the beginning of the book.
> Many full page spreads with photographic images were added throughout the book to create a highly visual and very collectable publication far beyond the purpose of a mere guide.

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