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Brief//  Coromandel Honey Jar Label Design

> Direct sales and supply of boutique stores
> Water proof so it can be wet wiped (honey tends to be messy, jar will be wiped)
> Can be self apply label produced in small runs for exclusive batches

tonality/desired look and feel
appetizing, delicious
smooth in a ‘honey sort of way’
premium boutique product
New Zealand/Coromandel

New Zealand Market
name: Manuka Honey
Manuka (Pohutukawa, Bush, Rewarewa, etc)
sizes: 500, 1000 grams

main attraction: Manuka, Coromandel
(or Rewarewa, Pohutukawa, etc.)

“I want it to look like a piece of artwork. People are going to buy it as a piece of artwork.” (Oksana Borowik, owner)

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