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Brief// To change the trust’s outdated image and develop a new contemporary identity which communicates the trust’s vision and strengthens their main communications (outdoor signage).

Project/ Identity and leaflet, website, interpretative panel

Solution/ The logo reflects the idea of creating natural stepping stones. The introduction of one significant colour (and various other style elements) serves as a simple and effective design platform for a consistent and memorable visual identity. The leaflet’s cover features a combination of logo elements and a stylised image of geographic lichen (Rhizocarpon geographicum), as its nature of overgrowth and life-establishment strongly symbolizes the trust’s goals. On the inside a range of current projects is documented.

Client/ Paul Feindt Stiftung (­conservational trust, Hildesheim, Germany)

Background/ One key aspect of the trust’s work is to acquire areas of land and sustainably conserve and develop them as ecosystems for wild species. Typical ecosystems of adequate biological size are selected to build a long term network of stepping stones for wild species to proliferate in heavily developed Germany.

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