coromandel pier + railway

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Brief//design development of a vision presentation to promote the Coromandel Pier+Railway, including detailed hand illustration to visualise vision and make it easy to understand for others

Communication/ information brochure

Solution/detailed hand illustration that “paints people a picture”.  The group had lobbied the idea for nearly 2 years and needed to take the effort to a new level. By visualising their concept in a very clear and easy-to-grasp way it became much easier for others, especially non-visual people, to understand what is proposed. A large part of the service was structuring the different components and translating them into a simple communication that is very easy to understand. This included recommendations on title, name, how to phrase things clearly and best present ideas and concepts.

One not insignificant result was that after receiving the changed communication local council changed their course of previously not giving this proposition much merit and opening to exploring it more seriously by offering the possibility of funding a business case for it.


Background/ initiated by local rail enthusiast and artist Barry Brickell, a group of locals is promoting the vision of a Coromandel railway pier extending the old wharf out into the harbour and linking it to town via a railway line, thus creating a destination, a community asset and a unique landmark for Coromandel that will stand alone.

The pier will extend the wharf into the deep water of the Coromandel Harbour. At 1.2 km it will be the longest pier in the country and the second longest in the Southern Hemisphere. It will have a railway on it, will be drivable, cyclable and walkable. It will enhance the character of the town and will have cultural, social and economic benefits.

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