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Brief// Label design development for a small range of honey products.

Bee Coromandel is a husband and wife artisan bee keeping outfit in Coromandel. They needed a design for their products to be able to sell direct from their apiary as well supply to stores and supermarkets. The label design had to fulfil certain legal and technical criteria to work in these contexts.

Solution/ an elegant and understated label design on glass that looks contemporary and upmarket, yet references the simplicity and quality of the artisan, down-to-earth approach passed down through the generations in this bee keeping family. The design utilises glass jars rather than plastic, with removable self adhesive paper labels which are easy to remove after use, “just like in the old days”. A tamper proof seal on permanent label stock wraps around the lid and onto the back of the jar. Environmental consideration played an important aspect during design development. Product number allocation and EAN-13 barcoding opened the avenue of supplying to retailers like the local supermarket, although the vision is to keep things “real, simple and local”.

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