coromandel artstour open studios

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Brief// A guide system for an annual open studios art event. Provide system that allows out-of-town visitors who are unfamiliar with the local terrain to easily navigate their own way around. There are approximately 30 artist studio locations in the town as well as in rural settings, often tucked away on private land and difficult to find, with a total terrain stretching over 50-75 km. The system had to be easy and quick to set up and remove due to the temporary nature of the event. Precise placement of directional arrow signs needed to be able to be decided on the go while they were installed.

Solution// A three-tiered system:
1) breaking up the entire terrain into 5 distinct regions to aid forming a mental map of the entire terrain.

2) Supply way-finding information in a comprehensive guide book with 30 artist profiles (with individual details like distances, map location, etc.) and a system of maps (overview and detailed regional maps). A quick-reference studio guide on reverse cover.

3) Offer on-site signage: Large branded flags on the side of the road mark individual studio locations. An artist sign supplies the artist name, their number, and a QR-code to the artist profile on the website. A set of 3 kinds of directional arrow signs is used to indicate multiple directions in order to guide visitors along complicated driveway situations to the actual open studio building.

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